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The Gwen Stefani UD eye shadow palette has arrived!

Gwen Stefani has been rubbing shoulders with beauty brand Urban Decay for the last couple of months to release an eye shadow palette with her favourite shades.


The palette consists of 15 neutral tones in range of soft beiges and pearlescent pinks for a minimalist laid back look, perfect for the transition into the winter season. 

All of her shades are inspired by her own songs which highlights her personal touch to this palette. In an interview with Total Gwen explains about her preference for nude shades:

I chose them because they’re the colours I wear. I can’t really get away with [crazy colours]. I can if I have a makeup artist, a photographer and lighting. But not in real life; I want to make stuff for real life. I want to be able to take that on the plane, and that’s it.”

The case contains plenty of everyday looks for the woman on the go, as well as a selection of high-impact shadows in deep blue and dazzling gold.

Gwen’s palette is available exclusively on Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Words by Sade Johnson@Sade_X

Edited by Araminta Pender @mintypender

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