Not only does Cheyenne Davide Blog, she styles and presents! The 20-year-old fashion inspiration, has been lucky enough to work for RWD magazine, represent London; by styling two Adidas look books, plus achieving a fashion collaboration with Adidas and Exit magazine in connection with LFW! Pretty great, for someone who has just started out, right?

Amor magazine, had fashion editor Wardah Sempa, interview the fresh talked about talent!

Your dress sense is nuts! Who and what gave you such an inspiration?

Thank you, Sounds weird but when it comes to fashion I’ve always looked up to my mum. Anything she wore when she was younger was so different to what anyone else was wearing and I’ve always looked up to that. I don’t want to live my life just fitting in.

Who is your favourite fashion designer?

My favourite fashion designer is Jeremy Scott. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to style some of his clothes whilst working for Adidas as their stylist.  He’s creativity is just beyond imagination and I think he’s clothes are so different and just dope all round.

How did your blog “Yeah its Shy” begin?

My blog began when I was at sixth form and just not really being fulfilled in my lessons. I wanted to do more. So I started my blog and for some reason people began to comment and become regulars on my blog.

Did you ever think your blog was ever going to be as big as it is?

Literally just thought I’d be writing to myself. Never thought anyone would be interested in my rambles or what I was wearing because at that time my dress sense wasn’t really… That great. I was going through my experimenting stage. I’ve been so lucky to get some amazing opportunities from my blog as well. It means a lot to me.

What was it like working with Adidas?

Working with Adidas was an amazing experience. I got to represent London and style and model two look books for them, and then I got to style an Adidas story for exit magazine. It really was so much fun… And I owe the guys at Adidas a lot as well.

Let’s have a look at the Adidas look book: Autumn/Winter :

What was it like working on the Adidas X Exit shoot?

Exit magazine was great. It was so weird seeing my face of the front cover of a magazine. I had no idea how much of a big deal it was when I got into it. When I saw the magazine and all the looks in the magazine I had styled… I instantly cried (tears of joy haha) it was so overwhelming.

Other than loving fashion so much, you are also a presenter for MTV wrap up. Would you say you preferred blogging, styling or presenting?

I will always love blogging. Stylings played a massive part in my life but I think right now I’m only comfortable with styling myself. I love presenting… Working with REPVDO and Mtv is great I get to interview so many cool people and come up with really cool ideas for shows on REPVDO. I’m about to get started in radio presenting now and I’m mega excited because I’m a massive lover of music.

What has been your biggest highlight so far?

Biggest highlight so far. I’ve had so many… But going backstage at wireless festival and interviewing celebs like Rita Ora was an amazing highlight.

Are you French knickers, thong, or granny pants kind of girl?

lmao… Depends on the occasion. I mean ya can’t be wearing granny pants with a tight dress can ya? May be a tad bit awkward for the eyes of others haha. Granny pants are propa comfy though init

Where do you see your self in five years time?

I have no idea where I see myself in five years. I don’t like to pre plan things, but I want to have my own radio show and be doing lots of Dj gigs and obviously continue with my presenting.

What advice would you give someone starting out?

My advice to anyone starting out is to honestly keep going. Never give up because its important you take up every opportunity. Every opportunity leads to another one and that’s how you’ll end up at the top of your game… But it’s going to take a lot of hard work so be prepared… I’m just starting out… So I’ve still got Lots of work to do

Don’t forget to check out where it began, on the talented youngsters blog!

Hard work always pays off!

Words: Wardah Sempa 

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