Amor magazine had fashion editor Wardah Sempa; interview the multi talented host-obsessive Jay London! The 26-year-old has been lucky enough to host for, number one urban radio station Choice FM! Whilst also hosting for online publication, Threads TV!

 1.    You host for Threads TV, what made you want to be apart of this?

It was originally a project that my business partner and me decided to create when we identified a gap in the market. No one was tackling fashion in a non-pretentious way so we found a way to express that it doesn’t need to be all about catwalk and ridiculously thin models. 2 years later with an amazing team of individuals involved and an incredible audience, we find ourselves where we are today.

2.    Seeing as you host for both Choice FM and ThreadsTV, what would you say was more you, fashion or music?

That’s a good question. I feel they both come hand in hand and I’m going to be a bad sport and play the indecisive card. I honestly couldn’t live with one without the other.

3.    Tell us a bit about ThreadsTV?

Threads is an online publication that allows viewers to explore new and established brands. We’ve created a home to introduce fashion at the highest quality. Whether that is one of our stunning look books, bi monthly episodes, style guides or collaborations with top brands such as Lacoste, Converse and Topman to name just a few. There’s really something for anyone and everyone. Check out and get your daily fix

Web Page:

4.    How long have you been hosting/presenting for?

About 2 years seriously, I started in my bedroom with a little microphone, which now seems like a lifetime ago. A lot of early mornings and sleepless nights have been the story of my life since then.

5.    What’s it like hosting for Choice FM?

Choice is great, I get to do what I love whilst playing the latest music and interacting with you guys who never fail to crack me up. Plus I get to bump heads with some of the most talented artists and entertainers around the globe.

6.    Any female celebrity crushes, you have met, whilst hosting?

I met Kim Kardashian last year before the belly…WOW!

7.    Who is your favourite host?

So many, I’ve always been a huge fan of Jonathan Ross and is one of the reasons I started presenting. I often get compared to Reggie which isn’t a bad thing, he is crazy talented too.

8.    Who is your favourite fashion designer?

That’s something that changes every week running Threads TV. Right now I’m going to say Miko Spinelli he makes some incredible jackets. But ask me again next week and I’m sure it will be a different answer.

9.    What has been your biggest highlight so far?

Being recognised for my passions and seeing hard work pay off is a highlight that gets bigger each and every day.

10. Where do you see yourself in a few years time?

Steps closer to world domination

11. What advice would you give someone, interesting in presenting?

We all start the same race, if you have a dream and you are willing to work hard and smart for it you will achieve it. Perfect your craft, don’t be shy to put in the hours and aim for the moon. Love what you do to do what you love

Don’t forget to check out Jay London on Twitter and Tumblr!:

Words: Wardah Sempa 

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