Black has always and will always be in fashion, it’s a staple. Whether it be a LBD  or a pair of leather trousers and a leather biker jacket, for a rockstar/biker look. Black is a firm favourite for us all.

Jay Z said it best;

” All black everything.”

It makes us look slimmer and cooler.

But on the opposite side of the spectrum there is a lighter, brighter, fresher, cleaner alternative. it’s white. White is perfect for summer even if it means extra laundry for you to do.

“Women think of all colours except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”

If Ms Coco Chanel says it, then who are we to argue?

Whether you are rocking a tuxedo suit, or a shift dress, clean lines, structure and volume are the key silhouettes in this trend, resulting in different takes within the trend, From soft, to crisp. Floaty, masucline, cropped and even over sized. the possibilities are quite frankly endless.

Designer favourites like Alexander Wang, Celine and my beloved Christopher Kane have had this trend all over their runways. All your favourite celebrity fashionistas have been seen in this trend. Kimmy K, Gwen STefani

For us everyday girls, this trend translates best when the white pieces are mixed with different textures. The contrasts will have you standing out, not too out though.

Both black and white, together or separately are major players in fashion. In the 60s monochrome looks we all the rage and that has been brought back and reinvented.

Historically black is worn more so in the winter months, but fashion is all about pushing the enevelop and trying to reinvent the wheel.

The definition of class and wear-ability is black and white.

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