Wouldn’t you just love to own a piece of Alexander Wang without having to break the bank to do it? Well, some lucky shoppers in New York last weekend were able to do just that, as the designer took the idea of a sample sale one step further- giving out clothes for free!

Many fans queued for hours, without really knowing what the event was about, after seeing mysterious posters on sandwich boards around the city. The first 100 people were then invited in and allowed them to help themselves to the merchandise. None of Wang’s famous bags or accessories were on offer however the selected few were allowed to take as many items of clothing, in any size, they wanted. The lucky 100 then proceeded to swap their merchandise with those waiting outside on the street outside the event, which took place near New York’s Highline. Personally, I’m really hoping this event starts a trend and we see more designers giving away their goods for free. A girl can dream.

Words: Kimberley Fishwick 

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