Prepare to welcome Pop’s most bewitching new name – Laurel.

With cinematic songs hinged on seductive, sultry vocals. Laurel’s haunting blend of piano, beats and strings sounds almost otherworldly and captivates you immediately.  And now, Laurel is set to enchant you with her first official release, ‘Fire Breather’ which is available for free download today alongside b-side track ‘The Desert’.

Hailing from a tiny town somewhere between Southampton and Portsmouth, 19 year old singer, songwriter and producer Laurel has been gigging since the age of 14, performing all of her own material and discarding the notion of covers. Following the completion of her College exams, Laurel moved to London and ended up inking a deal with Turn First Records off the strength of a solo demo.  And continuing to go from strength to strength, Laurel caused quite a stir following the release of her arresting track ‘Blue Blood’ which sent blogs into a frenzy, hit no.3 on Hype Machine and has amassed over 100,000 soundcloud plays to date – not a bad start.

A chilling yet exhilarating track, ‘Fire Breather’ is the perfect follow up to ‘Blue Blood’ and perfectly showcases Laurel’s supreme musicality. Written and produced solely by Laurel, ‘Fire Breather’ wonderfully blends hypnotic vocals with a high-haunting chorus and luscious lyrics about a man she can’t resist. While B-side ‘The Desert’ doesn’t disappoint either. A beautiful, brooding piano ballad, its dark, abstract lyrics at odds with Laurel’s ethereal voice only further confirms Laurel’s huge potential and promise.

Catch Laurel supporting MS MR tomorrow night at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

For further information please contact:

Victoria McLennan (020 7841 7089/ [email protected])

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