Are Vloggers really a saviour? I mean, I wouldn’t say their saviours but despite the fast growing online audiences of Vloggers, or video bloggers, our visual entertainers have become the new ‘IT’ people of the industry.

They are without doubt essential in the digital age and are crucial to how news is shared. People can now interact with bigger audiences on a personal level, which allows viewers to feel like they’re part of something without actually being there; because let’s face it, a lot of us would rather be in bed watching the latest trends than actually having to read the ‘most talked about’ subjects online.

Essentially, YouTube currently ranks among the top three most-visited sites on the net and as a high traffic area for video bloggers, or vloggers, YouTube created a platform for these bloggers to present their personal videos, which oftentimes are filmed using hand held point and shoot cameras. In this day and age, a personal connection with someone from the public eye is a lot more engaging and this is what our Vloggers offer.

Vloggers have become very powerful people to our viewers with the likes off 24-year-old Girl Online Author ‘Zoella’, one of the UK’s most recognisable vloggers, included in Debrett’s list of the 500 most influential people in Britain, along Tony Blair and Sir Richard Branson (that’s huge!).

This just goes to show, that vloggers are soon becoming as valued as our UK politicians…. Which can be a little bit scary.

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