If I’m honest, Jessica Alba’s been low down on my list of style icons as of late. It’s not that there’s been anything wrong with the way she dresses, it’s just that it’s not been anything to write home about either. In fact, I had to cast my mind all the way back to her Honey days to find the last time I got excited about her style. I mean, let’s face it, who didn’t want to rep Honey Daniels’ New York urban uniform of crop tops and belly chains!

Recently however, Jessica has pulled of a hatrick of stellar looks, starting with her appearance at H&M’s runway blowout where she made her humble H&M dress look deserving of a much higher price tag.

Her next style statement came at Balmain’s burlesque blowout (apparently Jessica can’t resist a party with blowout in the title!) where she raided in her usually snoozy skinnies for a rock and roll leather pair, meaning she managed to stick to the theme without going all out and bearing all *cough* Rihanna.

Jessica’s final stand out look came at Kenzo’s event at the Rex Club. Again Jessica took one of her style staples and upgraded it. She traded in her old LBD for a cool printed version, which she luxe-ed up with cute accessories in the form of a killer clutch and necklace.

They say good things come in threes, but I’m hoping that in the case of Jessica’s style, an exception can be made. Here’s hoping this is just a start of Jessica’s style revival!

Words: Kimberley Fishwick 

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