Melbourne’s Kaiya is touching upon a subject we have all struggled with as of late in her ruminating new single “Introspect”.

Written at the height of Australia’s national lockdown, Kaiya wrestles with the concept of isolation, and the capricious feelings that come with being stuck in your own company for too long. Recorded in her bedroom, the track samples lo-fi 808 beats in accompaniment to her delicate yet dazzling vocals, with a true authenticity that feels as though it is a diary extract. 

Speaking about the single, Kaiya explains, I truly believe there’s a higher reason for it. Whatever is happening has to be accepted wholeheartedly or it’s just a matter of living in resistance to life. Any true progress that can be made as human beings starts with bettering ourselves as individuals, only then can we come together to work in harmony. That’s what I believe this time is for.” 

Growing up in a household of Turkish music, Kaiya discovered her own flair through hip-hop, using it as a gateway to manoeuvre through the likes of neo-soul, 50’s jazz and R&B, where she found her own feet. With her biggest inspirations, Frank Ocean, Miguel and Ella Fitzgerald, evident within her music, her expertise at fusing genres is a talent that comes to her with ease. A technically trained ballet dancer, the artistic discipline she has practised since childhood has helped her to develop a truly special relationship with making music, often stopping to dance in the middle of creating. 

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