Skin is the newest release from U.K based artist AIVA. It’s soft, sensual, sultry and beautifully written.

From the very first note, AIVA’s voice is enchanting and intoxicating, it grips the listener and has a bewitching hold. Accompanied by a soft stated but enthralling bassline in a seductive R&B style, Skin is a modern blues classic in its own right.

It’s incredibly refreshing to hear a song like this sung by someone with such a raw and emotion-filled voice, especially in synergy with an 8 piece band that can create a genuine sense of funk and rhythm.

Aiva shared the meaning and raw emotion behind the making of the track “Skin is my truth, written melodically with no filters so it means the world to me. I feel vulnerable yet inspired to share my struggles and imperfections as a woman in a world where perfection is promoted. For a while, I was a stranger in my own skin and I had to share that to help anyone that might be feeling lost too.”

Although it is only the second official release from AIVA she is already a well-proven performer in the London music scene, playing at some of the Capital’s most renowned venues and with over 9 million streams already under her belt. Skin is the next step in her journey to becoming a concrete fixture in modern music.

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