If you remember a few weeks back, we released an article regarding Amor’s Top 12 Women in Music of The Year. One of our top females mentioned was Kehlani, and I’m glad to say she is back on our pages for her newest album release ‘SweetSexySavage’. Kehlani had made waves in 2015 and past albums with songs like ‘You Should Be Here’ and ‘The Way’ Ft. Chance the Rapper and she has now bounced back with her famous 90’s influenced style of harmonies, melodies and beats.

SweetSexySavage is a transparent journal of her journey as a woman and the battles we all face to beat stereotypes. It’s a reminder that we can be all three as stated in her album title. Kehlani’s album provides a soundtrack journey for when you’re chilling or want some easy listening with some (small, small) vibes here and there.

Personally, this album to me speaks to so many different sides of my life right now and what I’ve been through. There’s tracks for the go getter women who aren’t ready to settle down and just focus on making stacks (Distraction).

Then there’s tracks for those in love…. I guarantee you will feel butterflies in your tummy while listening to ‘Hold Me Bythe Heart’.

For those that can’t seem to get out of situationships and those struggling to let go of the man that can’t seem to treat them right, I guarantee you’ll catch a vibe with ‘Advice’.
Kehlani has a genius way of tapping into every modern female’s struggle and triumphs. She’s an escape to repetitive chart songs and diluted R&B…she’s back to basics R&B with a twist.

I can definitely give SweetSexySavage an undeniable 5/5. Comment below what you think and what your favourite tracks are!
Words : Tara Lopez, Music Editor

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