As part of the Summer Series at Somerset House, stateside superstar Kelis took the stage. The Milkshake singer performed fan favourites and new songs from her latest album Food.

After a long wait and with fans becoming slightly frustrated, Kelis finally appeared. With a cracking rendition of Nina Simone’s I’m Feeling Good all was forgiven. Her version of the classic song showed how mesmerizing and rich Kelis’ singing voice is which she continued to display throughout the night.

Aided by a brilliant jazzy band she began to sing Breakfast a song from her album Food. After that she transitioned into Millionaire one of her most famous songs. The brass band made her signature song Milkshake more soulful but still just as sweet.

Kelis even forayed into tracks from her experimental Flesh Tone album. Her bluesy reworking of songs 4th of July and Acapella showed that the originally polarizing songs had universal appeal.

All in all Kelis’ performance was sublime. Whereas most artists voices sounds weaker live, new depths and tones were heard to Kelis’ beautiful voice. Her jokey rapport with the crowd helped to make for a great night.

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