Princess Nyah is back and is ready as ever to take back her throne, in the past her success has spoke for its self. She has had a total over two million Youtube Views in addition she has collaborated with the UK urban elite within the music industry, such as the BET nominated Ghetto, singer Donae’O and the God Father of grime Wiley. Princess Nyah has graced us with her new track ‘Champion’, this track embodies the two traits that are directly relevant to her; power and growth. This is reflected in her music and her very own fashion label. The visuals in the video exudes sex appeal and freedom check it out for yourself.

Upon the release of her new single, The Streets had the opportunity to ask Princess Nyah a few questions so our readers could get to know a little more about her. Check out our mini interview:

Amor: What can be expecting from Princess Nyah in 2014?

Nyah: Lots of touring new music and fun.

Amor: What has been your biggest successes this year?

Nyah: This year my biggest success would be producing my music video. I picked the location and found the scenes and organised the whole shoot. It was really tough but im happy with the result!

Amor: Do you have any words of encouragement for any new artist’s emerging in music industry?

Nyah: The music industry is a daunting place for any upcoming artist. The focus i think is do you. Do not try and compete with what’s already out there. Most songs you hear on the radio etc where recorded a year or two prior to release. Don’t follow a trend or sound just do music you love and speak your true story. Music is meant to be an expression of self so just do you!

Amor: What is your dream collaboration?

Nyah: Amy Winehouse or Bob Marley.

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