Amor magazine spoke to our very own, “young talent” Taelor Headley, founder of Headless fashion brand – Where he talks about their new collection, inspirations and style interests!

 (Taelor H in the middle)

Headless has definitely made a good influence on young people, in London, so let’s take a look, what he’s been up too!

Tell us a bit about your fashion brand?

Headless Flywear is what we call ‘Middle Fashion’ – the fine line between street level fashion and high fashion. The concept of Headless Flywear is the art of aviation, being way above standard and emulating that through wearing our products.

What were the designer’s inspirations of the brand?

Mainly the simple fact of being artistic and flaunting those skills via the designs. All of the designs that have been noticed are produced by myself and to be honest I don’t really get inspiration from external sources, a lot of them are based off of what I can see in my mind and simply making them into physical matter in reality.

Was it how you imagined it?

It was exactly how I imagined it, if not then a whole more because when I consider it fully, I really didn’t expect to receive the support and feedback that I’m receiving now! Initially no-one was really interested and thought it may have just been a phase at the time however I knew it was and knew exactly what I intended to do and how to go about things. Now people from far and wide want to get involved and I welcome them all with open arms – If you love Headless then I love you, it may sound corny but that is the way I feel about it.

As a designer, who are your inspirations?

I’ve never really had inspirations when it comes to this as there isn’t really any I’ve looked at and thought “They are the cause of me wanting to pursue this” but there are a fair few successful individuals that I’ve seen grow that I wouldn’t hesitate to work with. Hype, Represent and The Colour Collective (Previously known as ‘Monroe Apparel’). As a designer on the come up these are the brand that I Have also watched grow because give or take a few years we all started off of the same platform within similar spaces of time.

Would you say, your collection was for mostly, male of females?

It is definitely for both genders. I’ve people from either side wearing the stuff in such amazing ways it still leaves me flabbergasted, I’d say Headless Flywear is the least most gender specific middle fashion brand out here right now and I want people to continue to replicate that!

Why call your fashion line Headless Flywear? 

It is called that because it is not generic and normal. Flywear is not a dictionary term so we made it a word in which society will use and accept, but what do you normally do when you are presented with a word you haven’t heard of?… you look into it. Headless Flywear does not reveal a thing about what the business entails leaving you no other choice but to take the time in looking into it so that is one of my main reasons for naming it that.

Does this collection represent your style?

Yes definitely. Initially all of my designs were based off of what I would personally want to wear, I got tired of going to the same old shops and buying the same old products like ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ so that is when i decided to take it upon myself to make my own things and since then its developed to a point where I don’t really have a use for any other clothing I see, I generally have no intention of wearing anything that isn’t HF (Headless Flywear).

Would you say, your girlfriend would have to dress good, since you are a designer lol?

My personal preference for a girlfriend would that she has to have an appealing dress sense, although that is not a predominant focus. What I do know is that any future girlfriends will be equally draped in HF just like myself! It only makes perfect sense and if she generally loves what I’m doing then it would only be the correct thing to do.

Any exciting projects coming up?

More Videos! Tonnes of new products! An overall Headless Flywear takeover to be honest and I mean that in all honesty – selling dreams is naughty and otherwise known as lying. Headless Flywear is going to be the next best thing since sliced bread very soon and I’m completely prepared for that. We will be released loads more products that are completely fresh like our new ‘NaughtsNRoses’ and ‘WilderX’ range. Thinking about what is in store is actually exciting, its going to be completely crazy and we will not stop until it is completely understood and known to the world that we are a force to be reckoned with. This will be proven!

Where do you see your self in a few years time ?

There will be so much to show in a few years time but rather than count chickens before they are hatch I will leave it at that. The proof will be in the pudding!

Many thanks to my newest team member ‘Jordan Troy Naghten’ who is behind all of the photography for the new products. Email him for any inquiries [email protected]

Many thanks to Gemma Auston and Aaron Miller for modelling our latest products too!

Well if a lot of young people are wearing it, you know it’s in! (Check out the link below)

In fact make sure you guys check out headless on their social networks!


Twitter: @FWHeadless

Words: Wardah Sempa

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