Written in her tiny bedroom floor in New York City during the first global lockdown last year, and set for release on November 11, ‘WATER HORIZON’ is the ethereal and emotive new single from Lithuanian alternative pop artist, singer and songwriter KLAYA, in collaboration with Oscar Award nominated and two-time Emmy Award winning producer and composer Arthur Pingrey, who has also worked with Sia, Norah Jones, ANOHNI and Sting, among others. It comes with a gripping new music video, filmed in Torino in Italy, and directed by Diego Tugnolo for PLUSULTRA.

Driven by Klaya’s deep and piercing voice, her slow burning melodies and thoughtful songwriting, and coupled with Pingrey’s piano and strings-led ethereal soundscapes, ‘Water Horizon’ is a cinematic alt-pop masterpiece that examines our Disneyfication of love. The track sees Klaya offering an honest and wholesome reminder of how young fairytale love very often clashes with the realities of life, and it is brought further to life by the Tugnolo-directed music video, which comes in lush blue tones and navigates the juxtaposition between love as a fairytale and love in real life.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Water Horizon’, Klaya says, “the song was written during the first lockdown on my tiny bedroom floor. It evokes the feelings of standing in front of the ocean during a rainy day, while contemplating love and the romanticism of relationships. It encompasses those contrasting feelings of first loves and fairy tales crumbling down – idealistic relationships that don’t translate into the real world. It’s an interplay between feelings of solitude and hopes for true love, but at the same time, with the realisation that ‘Disneyficated’ love doesn’t exist”.

Born and raised in Lithuania, and now based in New York City, Klaya is fast making a name for herself as an exciting Nordic-Baltic artist to watch within the alternative pop music landscape in the city. She fell in love with music from a very early age thanks to her mother and grandma, and she started playing the piano at the age of 5, before going on to dance ballet at the local opera and theatre, while performing in local UNESCO heritage festivals and choir competitions, where she honed her performance skills and stage presence as a teenager.

Despite the Baltic native going to music school for eight years, Klaya seemingly changed courses when she moved to Italy to study Economics, and then to New York University to study Cognitive Science. Soon after she began living in New York, Klaya quickly realised that she could not live her best life without music, after ignoring her desires to pursue music for years. She rediscovered songwriting during the first covid lockdown last year and wrote a bunch of songs with her guitar in her tiny bedroom, including her new single ‘Water Horizon’, which she wrote in 10 minutes.

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