We never really talk about, the sort of outfits we could “rock” on an aeroplane  I mean, you’re really and truly just chilling on a seat for a few hours, therefore  your outfit isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. But, I truly believe that people should have more of a think about what they should wear, on an aeroplane. You don’t necessarily need to look scruffy now… do you?!

As a fashionista! Any place needs the perfect outfit!

The Streets has decided to point out a few looks that make a hot little “aeroplane outfit” (Since it’s holiday season). Let’s take a look!

Maxi dresses

Got to love the Maxi dress on a plane – simple, pretty, easy to wear and not in the way, especially for a small craft!

Tracksuits (Male)

I’m not really a fan of trackies, but since they’re comfortable – especially when you’re in a crowded space! Why not wear them? (men especially).


Adds a bit of a vintage look, to your outfit, but hey, vintage’s better than boring right?


Sandals, hot or cold, I reckon sandals do the job, when sitting down, for a few hours…

Denim jackets

For some reason, an aeroplane always has to have an air con, overly switched on, way too cold! So a denim jacket can style out your outfit whilst keeping you warm in style! I would say leather jackets but that is way too OTT!

So there are a lot of things you can wear, to spice up your outfit! Remember just because you are on an aircraft, doesn’t mean you don’t need to look good! Think of other great outfits and let us know! 

Words:  Wardah Sempa

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