We caught up with TYDL’s Rebecca Valerie and she went through her top 5 tracks that have influenced her musically. The singer is part of a duo called TYDL, and recently released a track called ‘Skeleton’. Listen to the track below:

Here are her top 5 tracks below:

Hook line and sinker – royal blood

For when I want to let out any anger I blast this in the car and it never fails to make me feel like I can do anything.

Just be- Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith has always been one of my favourite artists and this song is just so emotional and also was one of the first songs I performed live.

Stupid Love- Lady Gaga

Absolutely love Lady Gaga and find her so inspiring to me as an artist. Stupid Love definitely seems to me like Gaga is going back to what we know her for and this song is just a great dance-floor filler in my opinion.

Tainted Love- Soft Cell

A lot of music I listened to growing up was from my parents’ influence, which was 80s classics. As hard as it is to pick a favorite I think Tainted Love has to spring to my mind as I love how catchy it is but also how dark it is.

Tyrants- Catfish and the Bottlemen

This is just an epic song. It holds so many great memories for me especially as it is the first song I saw Jack play on the drums and he absolutely nailed it and I knew I wanted to form a band with him and now here we are.

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