A red lipstick is not something I would usually veer towards, a striking shade of dark purple, perfect for the winter months, or sometimes just a light gloss for the more off duty days, is more me. However, having left my beloved cyber in the bathroom on a night out, and then concluding that it does not look right in the brighter weather anyway I decided to look for a new lipstick for the coming season.


 Lana Del Rey wearing lipstick 

I suit a stronger lip and a subtler eye; it’s my current trademark, so this choice of lip colour needed to be carefully considered. Usually I would say red lipstick is gimmicky and over the top, and also tricky to get right, but the guy I am currently dating has a thing for red lipstick (No shocker their)!

Although I am not usually one who wears to please, I thought I would give this one a try. So off I went to Mac, the ultimate supplier of all great shades of lipsticks and eye shadows in search for my new addition! Whilst I was in search for my new colour of lipstick, a guy who served me, told me to go for something warm toned, to suit my complexion but also something a bit less obvious, like perhaps a darker red. He thoughtfully selected a few different lipsticks for me oohing and ahhhing at every single one as I politely tried on all the shades he had elected.

After much careful consideration with my ‘new pal’ I decided to go for a dark vampish shade of red aptly named ‘dark side’, a kind of red version of cyber.

The guy assured me it looked ‘really good’ and went on to convince me there was no chance I could live without it, so I scurried off to the counter happily clutching my new statement lipstick. ‘Ohhh, dark side, nice choice’ said the lady at the counter evidently impressed. I smugly agreed with her and left the store and putting my lipstick straight on.


This is not the usual blinding shade of cheap red, which sticks to your teeth and gets on your clothes. This is the kind of sophisticated red that can make any outfit look instantly ten times more chic, turning you from Miss Drab to a sex kitten Morticia Adams look alike, in a good way of course!

A lot of women assume red lipstick is difficult to wear, and avoid this choice or else do it badly and pick an unfitting shade. I can now assure you that if chosen correctly this classic accessory is a very easy way to sauce up your make up and I strongly advise everyone to buy one!!

Words: Virginia Rose Peck

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