Men’s Fashion : we’ve worked out the top 5 essential items for any man with style. Not every day calls for you to dress to impress, but there certainly are occasions when you want to look stylish, and for men, that means owning a few essential items.

Fashions change all the time, but for centuries, the staples of men’s style have stayed the same. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your style game, these five items are always great places to start.

It’s not about buying the most expensive items, but about finding the ones that suit you! Express yourself and let these important men’s style items effortlessly communicate who you are.

The Suit

How could we start anywhere else? Give a man a good suit,and he can do anything he puts his mind to. Suits don’t just look great, they say something about you: they’re a necessity for all the most important occasions in life and they scream style.

No man looks bad in a tailored suit, and although we don’t use them as much as we did in the past, there’s no denying that a good suit can draw everyone’s attention to you. Just ask Barney Stinson.

The Watch

So, we don’t really need watches to keep time anymore, but when your sleeve creeps up over your forearm and exposes that beautiful, shiny timepiece, you feel like you’ve come straight from a TV commercial.

Timepieces like TAG Heuer watches have always been worksof art that you wear on your wrist, and even today, a stylish man just wouldn’t look the same without one. Again, your watch says so much about you, and finding the right one is half of the fun.

The Shoes

They say you can judge a man by his shoes, and while this might not tell you everything about him, it certainly tells you something.

It’s not possible to look smart if you’ve got scruffy shoes on, it’s as simple as that. You can wear the nicest clothes, but if your shoes aren’t up to scratch, you’re just going to look wrong.

You’ve got so many options to choose from here, so think about your wardrobe and get shoes that suit the clothes you wear.

The Luggage

Whether you’re flying around the world or walking into your local gym, the bag you carry helps define your style. You often see people around airports that just look like they were made to travel first class, and it’s often their luggage that gives you that impression.

Fashion and convenience come together when it comes toluggage, so take advantage of this easy route to style and upgrade your luggage.

Photo by Michael Morse from Pexels

The small touches are often the ones that are underrated and cufflinks certainly fall into the category of the often overlooked. Cufflinks are just another opportunity to be unique and show your true style.

These items can be highly personalised and make a shirt pop, so why not make sure you’ve got the small touches taken care of by getting a nice pair of cufflinks?

There you have it, our Top 5 men’s fashion essential items.

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