Amor magazine are a big fan of this young lady! Hennessy has always had a love singing and a musical background since the age of 16. With a passion of singing Mierous has always admired artists such as Amy Winehouse or Destiny’s Child. Being raised on RnB her singing voice she began to develop she noticed did not sound like the artists she always loved. Her unique sound has actually sparked from singing Jazz.

Her love for the genre has come from artists such as Erykah Badu, Billie Holiday, Jill Scott and Etta James.

The artist began to build her confidence by gigging around with her passion. Such as open mic nights, jam sessions and competitions to get recognition. 2010 was the year she auditioned for X-Factor, and given her a great boost and insight into her future that she made it to the top 67 at the boot camp stage. This offered exposure at the right time, getting into radio interviews and securing a lot more gigs.

Mierous moved to Spain after Music College, and ended up living there for 2 years. She knew this was right as she felt she was no longer growing musically in the UK. During the 2 years, she began working on her own material and finally found something she could call her own. Still sticking to her own roots RnB, but it was her RnB, which made all the difference. She felt she didn’t need to sound like the RnB singers she had heard whilst growing up. She could be completely herself.

With more opportunity arising, Mierous moved to London and has been working as a waitress in Ronnie Scotts and Italian restaurants.  She is currently working lots of different material and has an EP released. Mierous as unsigned artist, her music career is still going but keeping focus, nevertheless enjoying making music and what to come next.

Words: Catherine Morgan

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