This week is national eczema week which is set in place to raise awareness of the skin condition. Eczema is a condition that causes the skin to become irritated, itchy, red, and cracked. Although the causes of eczema are unknown, it can be linked to a response from the body’s immune system to an irritant.

Because this is national eczema week, we are going to explore the condition and highlight some recommended key beauty products.

Eczema can leave your skin incredibly dry, sore, and rough to touch. It can cause blisters and cracking of the skin, causing great discomfort. The itchiness of eczema can cause scars and worsen cracks, but it is difficult to refrain from itching.

Having suffered with eczema, predominantly on my legs, I was desperate to find a cream that soothed any flare ups and stopped me from scarring my legs from scratching. I tried Cuticura mildly medicated dry skin cream. Cuticura has proven to be effective in soothing and hydrating dry an sensitive skin. The cream also helps to restore the skin’s natural moisture level.

Cuticura Mildy Medicated Dry Skin Cream RRP £5.99

Cuticura have conducted studies on their results and found that 90% thought their skin felt smooth. 95% thought their skin felt softer, and 84% saw skin improvement in 7 days.

Having used the product myself, the consistency is thick and takes a while to rub into the skin. However, it cooled and soothed my irritated skin almost instantly which stopped me from itching the entire evening.

I would definitely recommend using Cuticura, it is an essential for my irritated, dry, and itchy skin.

Secondly, another beauty product I would recommend to those who suffer with eczema, or even just dry skin, is the Dry Eye Concealer from Skin Shop.

Dry Eye Concealer Skin Shop RRP £11.95

Using make up can be a challenge at the best of times without dry skin causing anymore problems for you. This concealer is for both treating and concealing dry, red, and irritated skin around the eyes (including eczema and hay fever).

Although I have never suffered with eczema on my face, my under eye area can become increasingly dry, especially during the colder months. This non-caking concealer contains a natural vine extract called Cardiospermum. 

Cardiospermum has been studied in several published trials for its effects in calming down itching in very dry and eczema-prone skin.

I found that this concealer brightens and conceals dry skin, which makes concealer, one less issue to tackle when applying make up to dry and eczema prone skin.

There are other products and brands that tackle this skin condition, however, these have been the two I have found most useful.

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