Odylique’s Lotion Repair moisturiser has been branded a ‘miracle worker’ in various customer satisfaction reviews. The product specialises in soothing irritated, itchy skin with a 100% natural remedy.

It includes:

  • Anti-inflammatory chamomile
  • Soothing calendula to promote healing
  • Rapid reparative aloe juice
  • Protective hypericum
  • Calming biodynamic chickweed to ease itching

The frustration of itchy skin can be overbearing at times, as a sufferer of eczema I was really looking forward to giving the lotion a try and see if it helped clear up my itchy skin.

After trying endless amounts of creams, lotions and body shampoos in the past, I was really surprised with the results of the Odylique repair lotion.

When applying the lotion, it is pleasantly surprising to find that it isn’t thick or greasy. It can be so uncomfortable when a product feels heavy or oily when applied to your skin. The lotion applies smoothly and dries almost instantly leaving you comfortable to go about with the rest of your day. It massively relieved the urge to itch, after applying 3 times throughout the day I had not itched once.

The only fault is that the scent of the lotion is not the nicest, it smells very unusual which can be off-putting at first. However, do not let this put you off, it is the best product that I have ever tried to soothe my itchy skin and I would recommend it to anybody who suffers with eczema or irritated skin.

The Repair Lotion has a retail price of £20.00 for a 200ml bottle, it’s worth the price tag for a product that works!

Visit the website here. 

Written by Emma Humphryson

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