What better way to spruce up your backyard and expand your living space than creating a garden room? Be it for storage, entertainment or relaxation, garden rooms are a fantastic addition to anybody’s home.

If this idea has already caught your attention, consider going the eco-friendly route as well. Try using sustainable materials or decorating it with up-cycled items you no longer need. That will also give it a personal creative touch while reducing waste. To help you get started with some inspiration, read on to find our top tips on how to create the perfect garden room.

Consider the space

The first element you need to consider when building your garden room is the space you have to work with. This includes the size of your garden, the size of your home, the shape and the materials used. If your garden is tiny, a massive room garden could suffocate the space. Hence, we need to get creative! In this case, a smaller pergola-like room decorated with plants hanging or set all around the ground would work wonders.

On the other hand, if space allows it, you could go all out. A garden room is so versatile in use, that you could turn it into a dance studio, a workshop, a gym or even an office. You may even choose a less troublesome option, such as getting a prefab garden office from Lidget. It couldn’t get any more convenient than that! But first, always bear in mind the space you have to work with.

Include seating

Presuming you’re going down the entertainment route, don’t forget to add a comfortable seating area. The options here are endless. However, our advice is to avoid polluting materials,such as plastics. Not only are they not sustainable, but they can also make the set up look cheap. There are fantastic wood options out there, including the uprising rattan wood trend. The popularity of this eco-friendly outside furniture materialhas taken over Instagram and Pinterest, so it might be worthwhile checking it out.

Up-cycle and DYI

We didn’t want to leave out the importance of sustainability if we’ve passed on to the décor topic. Particularly if the garden room that you’re building is meant to be your creative workshop, make it truly in a way that tells your story. Why spend hundreds on new mass-market planters or plastic decorations when you’re sure to find an old vase, jar, or bucket that can be up-cycled and become an artsy piece of décor. Not only will you get to use your creative crafty skills which will leave your mark on your new garden room, but you will also feel better for living more environmentally conscious.

Add planters and décor

The more flower and plant decoration the more of an outdoorsy feel your garden room gets. Different colours, patterns, shapes and sizes of planters can completely redefine a space and style it up. When it comes to their content, diversity is also key, so try to get as much of a variety of flower as you can. According to Country Living, AlliumUniverse, English lavender, Gold strum, ‘cosmopolitan’ grass and wildflowers are the trendiest backyard plants in 2021.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that flowers and planters are the only ways to decorate your garden room. Rugs, cushions, throws and tableware could be the finishing touches to your outdoor entertainment space. Whereas if you wish to induce a certain atmosphere, playing with different lighting decoration is the way to go. This brings us to our final point.

Use of lighting

When it comes to lighting, first make sure you take advantage of the natural light as much as you can in the construction of your garden room. Once you’ve considered all your angles and orientation of windows, it’s time to style it up with some layering lights. This means, combining different types of lighting which result in creating the desired ambience. To give you a few ideas, try a mixture of lanterns, fairy lights or even candles if you’re going for the romantic vibes.

There’s a variety of uses that you can get out of creating a garden room. From storage space to music studio, garden rooms are a great way to add a new dimension to your home. Think of the environment, the size of your garden and your ideal décor, and you will certainly end up creating yourperfect garden room.

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