Olivia Swann returns with a brand new music video entitled, ‘Gaslight’, featuring LionHaire! Cramming 4 years of a toxic relationship into 4 minutes of R&B & reggae feel, the video tells the story of the complexities of obsession & lust. Starring the multi-talented artist Cameo Adele, who depicts the subtle warning signs from start to finish, of just how a relationship like this can really turn out.

The video also signifies the first time the talented independent artist has nodded to her sexuality within her music career. In true Olivia Swann style, there’s always more to the story, even how shooting the video came about! From a championship game of arcade basketball at Snoop Dogg’s infamous Grammy party in Inglewood LA to filming in a house in the Hollywood Hills. 

Simmering with rich R&B vocals, reggae rhythms, layered live horns and bass licks, the single has an undeniable groove that exhibits Olivia’s ability to churn out banger after banger. Originally written as a demo for Rihanna, the London based singer-songwriter decided to take the track and twist it into a refreshingly raw insight into gaslighting and power play, with her quick-witted lyricism and abundance of attitude adding a punchy edge to the verses. “I don’t think we talk enough about the power of seduction in a relationship and how sometimes someone can use intense chemistry to blur and confuse the reality of a situation” she explains, “In my case, it was finally figuring out that you’re not crazy, they are! Ultimately recognising their serious obsession with me, I wish I could have told myself to wake up!”. A collaboration with fellow UK artist and multi-instrumentalist LionHaire, whose sun-soaked authentic Reggae sounds melt perfectly into the melody, their contrasting vocals weave beautifully within one another, and with a glossy production finish from Symphony (ZAYN, Timbaland), it could just be Olivia’s best release yet. 

Watch the full music video below:

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