We all want our perfumes to last that little bit longer don’t we? They’re expensive!

Here are some tips on storing your perfume correctly to keep it full of fragrance and lasting that little bit longer.

Choose a spot away from direct light

Sunlight can damage a perfume bottle and they tend to last longer when stored in darker places. A closet or a drawer is a good way to store perfume to make it last longer and avoid storing them by any windows.

Find a place with a consistent temperature

A fluctuation in temperatures from hot to cold can affect the quality of your perfume. You want to store your perfume in an area of your home that is not subjected to dramatic changes in temperature.

Humidity can also have an affect the quality of perfume. This is why storing bottles in the bathroom is generally a bad idea. Therefore, it is important to pick an area of the house that is not subjected to humidity – such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Consider the refrigerator – if it’s not too cold!

Some people have found success in storing their perfume in the fridge. While it may feel odd to have bottles of perfume next to your food, the temperature is generally consistent and not too cool. This keeps the quality of the perfume. However, if your fridge is too cold then avoid placing it here as extreme cold temperatures can upset the balance in the perfume.

The ideal storage place for perfumes would be somewhere cool and dark such as the bedroom or a closet!

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