There are so many products on the market at the moment that can curl, wave, straighten, you name it – they can do it. However, one brand that is beginning to take the beauty industry by storm is InStyler. Instyler have it all from hair dryers to all-purpose stylers.

One product that caught my attention was the MAX PRIME 32mm Revolving Styler – this product allows you to style faster and straighten better with the ultimate, NEW celebrity favourite. So, the question is, is it worth it?

Whether you’re looking for sleek straight locks, bombshell curls, or beachy waves, with 360° of straightening power, the MAX PRIME Revolving Styler delivers powerful heat without trapping the hair between two hot plates as the barrel rapidly revolves. This breakthrough styling tool leaves hair soft, silky and healthy for days.

This is perfect as you can do everything or any style you wanted with one product rather than having to pack 3 different stylers or being limited to one hair style.

This product is perfect as it is designed for all hair lengths, types, and textures. It also adds shine, removes frizz, whilst providing a long-lasting style, volume and body.

When I tried this product, I was very pleasantly surprised! I used it to create a soft curl look and I managed to create a bouncy blow dry look which I absolutely loved and it look me 5 minutes – if that!

You can shop the whole InStyler range here! The website also provides you with benefits of the product as well as tricks and tips on how to use the product to its full potential. With each product too, there are also videos provided with people using that specific product.

With the Christmas parties and festivities fast approaching, this is a perfect addition to your hair routine, it allows you to create any style with ease!

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