Mac has released plans to develop a make-up line inspired by the blue bee-hived and yellow from head to toe fashion icon, Marge Simpson. The line may be released in September to mark The Simpsons 25th anniversary.

Marge has already been pictured in Paris with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Eva Evangelista in a shot for Harpers Bazaar. Alexsandro Palombo even gave her a high-fashion make over where she strutted her stuff in Givenchy and Valentino.

For a woman who never changes her green dress, beaded necklace and matching shoes she is doing pretty well.

I can picture a hair-line inspired by Marge – extra hold hairspray but not too sure about the make-up. Surely it can’t be yellow foundation, can it? Further details are yet to be released.

Words – Jan-Marie Revers @JMRevers


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