Fashion should be fun and playful but always functional, otherwise it is just going to collect dust in your closet. Luckily this winter season we can bundle up in the stylish and practical trends for the cold months to come.

Scarves can be put on hold owing to the craze of turtleneck sweaters. Not only covering the neck from the cold but great for layering with sleeveless dresses and vests. Hailing from Scottish heritage, the prints for choice are Tartan and Houndstooth. Adding a modern twist with high-wasted Tartan pants or deep blue Houndstooth coats.

Over-sized, boxy-silhouetted coats have been dominating the catwalks of Victoria Beckham, DKNY. The bagginess of the coat adds an effortless chic touch to any outfit, showing femininity is not only shown through body hugging clothing. The off-shoulder look is elegant and classy without showing too much skin.

This look has been making the waves from designers like Gucci, and have followed onto the 2014 spring collections from Chanel. This winter you can look good without freezing.

Words: Vanessa Dos Santos 

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