Previously, Primark hasn’t had the greatest reputation for their makeup range, it was very basic and limited in choice. However, that has all changed, Primark has massively stepped up their makeup game and is now actually competing with other brands. The PS… range includes so many dupes of other brands and costs a fraction of the retail price.

The Lip Kits ‘Get Lippy’ have proven to be a big hit with consumers, they come with a lip gloss and a lip liner and cost a minor £3! The lip kits are the cheapest lip kit that I’ve seen in high street stores, my housemate has bought one and claims their durable and well pigmented. Alongside the lip kits, Primark has also introduced a ‘Matte Metallic Liquid Lipstick’ which retails at £3.50 each. These are similar to the NYX ‘Cosmic Metals Lip Cream’ which are £7 each, with Primark retailing at half the price, it’s definitely worth a try.

Within the Lip range, I have personally tried the ‘Metallic Colour Changing Lipstick’ which costs £1.50. It is pale blue in colour, however, when applied it has hints of lilac and pink. I loved this colour on my lips as it definitely adds some edge to your makeup look, but also, I used the lipstick on my eyelids for a cut crease and it looked absolutely insane! It could also be used as a cream highlighter if you were after a holographic effect to your makeup.

We all know that foundation can cost an arm and a leg, BUT, Primark’s cosmetic range could potentially change this. ‘My Perfect Colour’ foundation retails at £5/£6 (depending on which finish you choose). Judging by other reviews of this foundation, it does exactly what it says on the bottle, the ‘double coverage matte finish’ foundation lasts pretty much all day with a primer and the ‘velvet finish’ foundation leaves a semi-matte finish which lasts for around 9 hours – for £5/£6 you can’t complain!

I have previously written an article about my thoughts on the Urban Decay ‘Heat’ dupe, ‘Amber’ which retails at £4 so definitely give it a read if you’re interested in purchasing one. Alongside ‘Amber’, there are other palettes such a ‘Berry’ and ‘Urban’ which are all equally as good, just with different shades.

Aside from the products that I have names, Primark has also introduced highlighters, nail polishes, lashes, concealers and so many more. I think Primark have impressively stepped up the makeup game, I now buy a fair amount of products from the PS… range because it’s affordable and honestly, you can’t tell the difference between the dupes and the high-end brands. Go Primark!

Written by Emma Humphryson

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