Jumpsuits make dresses seem so last year! 

Let’s talk Jumpsuit; it only seems right to talk about the suit, which makes dresses look sooo last year! 

The one-piece garment has proved to us the dangers it can do as a trend; we have UK retail stores filled with them, and celebrities showing them off as a fashion statement (You got to love the determination!).

UK retail store, River Island, is one of the many stores that LOVE jumpsuits, and to prove their love for the one-piece garment, their shop floors are filled with countless jumpsuits, which us females will ADORE!

Black Leotard Jumpsuit – £25.00

Brown Animal Print Strapless Jumpsuit – £22.00

Blue Oriental Print Dungaree Jumpsuit – £28.00

For more jumpsuits from River Island go on: http://www.riverisland.com/women/playsuits–jumpsuits

In fact the likes of actress Gabrielle Union, also followed the trend by wearing a Bec & Bridge Vida Jumpsuit at the 2012 BET Network.

Stunning? I know right.

Jumpsuits have unsurprisingly, hit the runaway, and with Kenzo becoming the main squeeze of jumpsuits!

 (Runway Kenzo)

We have the likes off Selena Gomez and Leigh Lezark also promoting the design. 

(Image of Leigh)

Jumpsuits can be used for casual and formal and looking at the celebrities and runway, it can also be accessorized however much you like. Let’s just say that Jumpsuits don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon! Dress what?  

Words: Wardah Sempa

(Online Fashion Editor)

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