Red Shaydez has a great CV musically, the hip-hop artist has been featured on MTV, Fox 25, Hot 96.9 FM, and Shade45 and performed at a plethora of festivals such as A3C, Hubweek and BAMS Fest and recently released a track entitled, ‘They Call Me Shaydez‘. We caught up with the talent and asked her about the top 5 tracks that had influenced her and why. Find out below:

“It’s Whatever” by Aaliyah

It’s Whatever is one of my favourite Aaliyah songs because it’s such a beautifully crafted record about love. From the vocal performance to the production, it was effortless. I’m really a hopeless romantic and lover at heart so this track always spoke to me.

Specifically these lyrics:

Just like the birds that whistle in the trees
Here in the leaves so happily
Well, you’re my tree and through storms
You’ve stood strong for me
Kept me warm as can beLike a candy to an apple, oh, we go together
You’re so sweet on me
I can say that I do believe this is destiny
It keeps calling me Now it’s me and you
And you and me
And it’s whatever
Whatever you want it to be

“Pony” by Ginuwine

This song by far is one of my favourites of all time. It doesn’t matter what time, what year, or what mood I’m in–Pony will always give me the feeling that I had when I heard it for the first time as a little girl. I have yet to hear a record like this since it’s release. I often try to emulate Ginuwine’s dance moves in the video as well (laughs).

“Friendly Skies” by Missy Elliot ft. Ginuwine

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a huge R&B fan before anything. This duet was before it’s time and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. I’m influenced by Missy Elliot in many ways, but especially when I’m creating my R&B records. I can’t help but listen to this and get into a groove. Ginuwine’s sultry vocals also help!

“Poppa Was A Playa” by Nas

This song will always remind me of the many car rides I had with my dad in my adolescent years. He introduced me to Nas and when ‘Lost Tapes’ came out, we played it nonstop. This particular record spoke volumes to me due to its storytelling and honesty. You felt like you were a witness to Nas’s childhood. I love that. He is one of my favourite rappers of all time. I appreciate how vulnerable he gets on records and I have adopted that approach in my music today.

“Good Times” by Popcaan and Jamie XX

Being of Jamaican descent, this track was a proud moment. It was just so smooth with a summertime feel! I think I’ve played this song over a thousand times in one year–no exaggeration. It’s a very short song and you don’t want the vibes to end.

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