Address: 49 Old Compton St, W1D
Tw: @wearehipchips
Cuisine: Chips


We’re all guilty of binge eating crisps on a Saturday night at one time or another and Hipchips has cornered the market with its niche idea of serving all things…well crisps! With a colourful array of potatoes from Highland Burgundy to Shetland Black and an even more extensive range of dips, there is surely something for every crisp-lover’s fancy.

Our fave dips were:

  • FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH – Hell fire pumpkin and black cheese
  • Smokey cheese fondue
  • Beetroot and lemongrass marmalade
  • Moroccan yoghurt


Hipchips is a very cool concept in the heart of Soho that feeds into the gluttony of all us foodies out there. If you go there really hungry it can be quite dangerous, as this is more comfort food than a wholehearted meal.

The dips are even more exciting, it’s far from your average salsa or sour cream. They even have sweet crisps topped with sweet cinnamon sugar alongside what they call “pudding dips”. We only tried the savoury dips and crisps, but next time we’d defo like to try the sweet picks.

The packaging is also quite snazzy. Bye bye to packets and hello to stripy boxes where sharing is caring.

The interior is vibrant with a snazzy conveyor belt of crisps and dips as you walk into the restaurant and a not so modest stain glass-esque mural at the rear of the restaurant.

If you get a chance to visit in October, make sure to try their flavour of the month, hell fire pumpkin and black cheese.

Price: Small box of crisps with two dips for £4.50 Medium box with three dips for £6.75

Large box with six dips for £11.50

Ideal for: Crisps and dips

Overall Rating ★★★★

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