Self-care gifts are a meaningful way to thank your partner for all their support. It doesn’t have to be Christmas or their birthday to show them your gratitude – you can surprise them no matter the time of the year.

When it comes to gifts, we know that there are a lot of choices and decisions to make. Although you buy something for your partner and suppose you know them very well, things are still challenging. But with self-care gifts, the probability of going wrong is little. After all, everyone deserves a little time for themselves to pamper both their body and mind.

Self-care means to prioritise your well-being above anything else, and has nothing to do with selfishness. Whether your partner is a self-care enthusiast and loves anything related to aromatherapy, meditation, and skin-care products or needs a little reminder that they should take more care of themselves, a self-care present is a sure-fire choice for them.

It’s a well-known fact that gift-giving is not the easiest job. That’s why we compiled this list of self-care gift ideas that will impress even the pickiest:

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Spa Day

Who on this planet would not appreciate a spa day? A relaxing bath is more than welcome, with all the tension accumulated throughout a workday. Don’t hesitate to elevate your partner’s spa day with some fizzing bath bombs that come in various colours, sizes, and scents. Choose something that best suits your loved one’s needs depending on the ingredient list. Apart from bath salts, they will be pampered with refreshing face masks and a well-deserved massage that will relieve pain, relax the muscles, and induce calmness.

Therapy Session

Therapy tends to be underestimated and often overlooked for various reasons. Some may think that they don’t need mental support and are strong enough to face the problems that come all the way. But the truth is, we’re fragile, and sometimes cannot keep our emotions down. Counselling might be the perfect solution if your partner has been going through a tough time lately, and be sure they will appreciate how much you care about their feelings.

CBD-Delivered Products

CBD products have grown in popularity lately, and it’s no wonder. Studies show that this compound extracted from the hemp plant has multiple health benefits. It helps with anxiety and depression, and physical pain. It can be found in many forms, from ointments and tinctures to vape pens. Maybe it’s a not so common gift, but it’s definitely something else. Your partner can pamper themselves with some CBD creams and oils or take a drop of CBD before shut-eye to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are a must for a relaxing evening due to their therapeutic effect. Scents such as lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, sweet orange, or rose induce relaxation. Lavender is well-known for its calm-inducing properties, so if your partner struggles with sleep issues, it will help them unwind.

Advent Calenders

If Christmas is approaching and you don’t know what would be the best gift for your partner, consider giving them an advent calendar. Initially marketed with the suggestion that they will help the little ones count down the days to Christmas, advent calendars are now the choice of many people due to their unique design, travel-size products, and various niches. You can find all kinds of advent calendars, from those containing candies and books to the beauty and skin-care ones.

If your partner is a self-care enthusiast, surprise them with a beauty advent calendar that comes with all the beauty essentials – foaming shower gels, body creams, oils and scrubs, hand balms, soap bars, body mists, and many more. There’s no way to go wrong if you buy advent calendar for your other half – they will jump for joy like a child at the little boxes’ opening and discovering a unique product in each.


Does anyone have too many pyjamas? We guess no. They’re an excellent gift for every season, given the broad spectrum you can choose from. Besides, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pyjamas became almost a trend, being manufactured in various models, colours, and materials. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult to choose the perfect pair for your mate. When looking for comfortable pyjamas, opt for breathable materials, such as linen, cotton, and even wool. Silk is also highly breathable and makes for a luxurious gift. Avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester because it will only make your giftee sweat and irritate their skin. Things aren’t that simple when it comes to pyjamas, but it’s a classic present that every receiver will be thrilled to open, making this idea one of faves on our self-care gifts list.

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For someone who struggles with anxiety, noting down their thoughts might be the perfect release. Maybe not many know about this, but journaling has multiple benefits for mental health, helping the keepers manage their anxiety, reduce stress, and cope with depression. Besides, when the world around feels like chaos, it enables you to deal with overwhelming emotions like fear, anger, and guilt. Even if your soulmate doesn’t experience any of these issues, giving them a journal as a gift is still worthwhile because they get to know themselves and become more organised by keeping a journal.

Skin-Care Tools

Sure, skin-care products are great, but did you ever think about how skin-care tools would be received? We tell you how: with enthusiasm. If you’re not familiar with these kinds of devices, don’t worry – we’re here to help. You can find various such tools on the market, some of the most popular being the quartz face rollers, facial steamers, cleansing and microcurrent facial treatment devices, and LED light therapy masks. Of course, these tools are not indispensable (maybe just for a skin-care guru), but they are an addition to your beauty routine.

After cleansing your face and pampering it with serum, lotion, and moisturiser, you can add an extra glow to your skin with a hydrating sheet mask. A rose quartz roller, in this case, would give your skin the massage it needs, leading to better absorption of the other products and enhancing their effects. Oh, and don’t forget about the skin-care fridge! It is excellent for storing skin-care products, especially in the warm season. Now that you’ve found out what all these devices are about, is there something that caught your attention?

Here are our favourite ideas on self-care gifts – do you have other suggestions?

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