Multipower ambassador Leon Scott is a professional football player at Darlington FC and fashion model. His schedule involves a lot of UK and international travel for photo shoots. How does he manage to stay fit with such a hectic lifestyle?

He wanted to share his top tips with us on how to stay fit whilst travelling.

General advice on bulking before travelling…

When I bulk, my meals consist of high intake of calories which are broken down across 6-7 meals throughout the day, averaging two to three hours between each meal. Personally, I believe you need to make sure that you are eating 1-1.5g of protein per pound of your body weight every day.

In order to gain muscle, you have to eat more calories than you burn and doing so can lead to some fat gain, so be prepared for this. If you are having trouble eating enough protein, adding in protein shakes is a simple way to increase your protein intake, I personally use Multipower’s 100% Whey Isolate protein.

Whilst bulking I like to maintain my cardio on days that I’m not weight training, generally by undertaking 2-3 30 minute sessions throughout the week to maintain cardiovascular health and to keep me fit. Maintaining this level of cardiovascular health is key not only for my general fitness, but also for my football career that where I need to maintain a high level of general fitness throughout the season.

Staying hydrated whilst travelling to humid or dry countries…

What I have found that works for me is staying away from sugary drinks whilst travelling, filling up on water prior to any journey, and carrying a refillable water bottle with me at all times. In addition to this, I travel with hydrated snacks such as water melon, baby carrots and cucumber. I also try to avoid staying in the sun for long periods of time as this can quickly make me dehydrated.

Best way to maintain muscle while travelling…

It can be difficult to fit meals in whilst travelling, so where possible I try and plan ahead by doing research on the area and what sort of restaurants are nearby, and if there’s a gym in the hotel I’m staying in or in the local area. If none of these are available, when I get the opportunity I consume a high calorie meal to maintain muscle. If there is a gym then I follow workouts from my fitness eBook which contains several different workouts such as high intensity, low intensity, weight training and cardio vascular training programmes.

Best supplements for backpackers…

I personally recommend the supplements that I’ve listed below to assist with maintaining fitness whilst travelling, as these have helped me over the years whilst travelling the world. They have not only helped with my general health and well-being but also have helped me maintain my physique.

For general health and well-being I always travel with the following:

  • Multivitamins
  • Cod liver oil
  • Vitamin C

To maintain my muscle and fitness levels I always travel with the following:

  • Multipower BCAA 2:1:1
  • Multipower L-Glutamine
  • Multipower Whey Isolate
  • Multipower 53% protein bars
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