Looking for a way to make your beauty routine more green?

With climate change becoming a continuous strain on society, we are all looking for alternative ways to making our lives greener and eco-friendly, this should be the same for your beauty routine.

Buying eco-refills for your products can be a small step towards making a big difference for the economy. Eco-refills have been introduced by numerous brands such as Kenco, L’OCCITANE, and Cif. So it isn’t just beauty brands that are introducing an eco-friendly alternative to their products.

Last year, L’OCCITANE cut the use of 30 tonnes of cardboard packaging over the Christmas period and they are continuing to keep their packaging simple and eco-friendly. By reducing packaging thickness, they’ve already saved 28 tons of plastic! L’OCCITANE have never used plastic bags in their stores, and have a policy of not using plastic cups, straws or cotton buds. The brand is constantly working to improve wherever they.

The eco-refills have been introduced to top up your favourite beauty products. L’OCCITANE currently have 15 different eco-refills across haircare, body care and skincare. They are even on track to reach their goal of offering 25 eco-refills by the end of 2020! The primary benefit of the eco-refills is that they use up to an incredible 90% less packaging in comparison to the original containers.

We can also help the environment by swapping liquids for soap bars. Soap bars use much less packaging to store, and less water to produce. Plus, they tend to last a lot longer. So, swap from liquid soap to solid soap bars to reduce your environmental impact.

Reuse, Refill, Recycle – we can’t do everything, but we can all do a little something to make our beauty routine more sustainable.

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