As the weather is slowly creeping up in temperature, it is essential that we begin protecting our hair and skin from any damage. It has been proven that hair does in fact grow quicker in the summer months in comparison to winter months.

Hair Care

We have narrowed down the best products for protecting your hair against any sun damage this summer. The ‘Design Me Fab Me’ protects against heat damage, controls frizz, and hydrates the hair from root to tip, it retails for £14.95 and is available from The scent of this product is incredible fresh and clean but not overpowering. It works wonders on hair that is prone to split ends as it strengthens and nourishes each strand.

(RRP £14.95,

Hair should also be protected in the night as we sleep alongside during the day. The ‘Only Curls Satin Sleep Turban’ from absorbs any moisture from the neck during the night, holds curls, and protects curls and hair breakages. The sleep turban retails for £15 and is perfect for maintaining those gorgeous curls this summer!

(RRP £15,

In terms of strengthening and protecting the quality of your hair, I highly suggest trying the haircare brand that everybody is raving about, even celebrities! The Watermans hair care helps men and women regain thicker, shiny, stronger, and fuller looking hair.  As someone who has extremely thin hair, I have seen wonderful results from this product, after a week of using both the shampoo and conditioner, my hair has become visibly thicker and fuller.

Thin hair has always been one of my biggest insecurities, but this product has targeted those finer areas of the scalp and improved the appearance of it. Watermans hair care is available from their website you can currently grab yourself a bargain as the shampoo and conditioner are currently on sale for £22.95!

(RRP. £27,

Not only can products maintain and protect your hair, but hair brushes can too. The ‘Wet Brush’ is quite possibly one of the best hair brushes on the market right now as it detangles hair without puling it out from the root. The Wet Brush can be used to detangle, dry, style, and care for the hair. It is trusted by professional stylists, minimises breakages, is award winning and designed for ALL hair types. You can grab the Wet Brush from and they start from £11.99!

(RRP. £11.99,

Health & Skin Care

Heat can contribute to acne, eczema, sun burn, dehydration and much more, therefore, it is vital to also protect your skin against the summer heat.

The ‘Korres H20 Rose Hydrating Face Mist’ has become a reoccurring product in my skincare routine that I can no longer live without! The scent of rose is light yet beautiful, it is refreshing, it leaves the skin feeling soft and supple, and moisturises the skin too. The hydrating face mist can also be used as a setting spray for make up too! The product is available from and retails for £26.

(RRP. 26,

In terms of moisturiser, I would definitely recommend using the ‘Embrolisse Hydra-Mat Moisturiser’, it reduces shine, absorbs any excess sebum, creates a long-lasting matte HD effect, and has a cooling gel texture. This moisturiser worked perfectly with my combined skin as it absorbed any excess oils whilst penetrating the drier areas of my skin, leaving an all-round even look. The Hydra-Mat is available from Boots and retails for £22.

(RRP. £22,

Barry M also have a new skincare product this summer called the ‘Cooling Cucumber Serum Mist’ at for £5.99 if you were after a more affordable product! The cucumber and green tea extracts leave the skin feeling hydrated and refreshed, whilst reducing any redness and puffiness! The product is also ‘city proof’ so it protects your skin from dirt and pollution, all for £5.99!!

(RRP. £5.99,

Too Cool For School’s ultra-fine Coconut Milky Mist is perfect for the dry and hot weather as it leaves your skin dewy and hydrated throughout the day. Containing 87% of pure Brazilian coconut water, this product is a must have in your skincare routine. The importance of coconut water for the skin is that it is filled with essential vitamins and minerals that keeps the skin refreshed and healthy. Not only does this product protect your skin, it can be used before or after make up is applied, so it can also be used as a dewy setting spray!!

(RRP £18.50,

Similarly to the satin hair turban from Only Curls, you can also get the Morning Glamour Satin Pillow Case which helps to clear the skin and prevent breakouts. They come in a set of 2 and are non-absorbent, machine washable and super-durable. The pillowcases also do not absorb any facial creams or oils that are applied as part of your night time routine!

There are so many benefits of satin pillows including some of the following:

  • Wrinkle prevention
  • Lash protection
  • Decrease hair loss
  • Clear skin
  • Lessens allergies
  • Reduces heat from hot flushes

(RRP £24.99,

In terms of a summer fragrance, I would have to say that Missguided have done it again and SLAYED their new body mist. It is called ‘Vibe Enhancer’ and retails for an incredibly affordable £10 at The body mist has a refreshing scent of fruity apple infused with strawberry, warm caramel and vanilla. Perfect for the summer!

(RRP. £10,

Then finally, theres the LQ Liquid Health Pack that is so highly rated by celebrities such as Michelle Keegan for its results. The super shot is the first of its kind to contain all three of the most effective skin anti-agers in one hit – collagen, resveratrol and hyaluronic acid – along with a broad spectrum of advanced antioxidants to fight off lines, wrinkles and loss of skin tone.

Each 50ml bottle is packed with 7,000mg of high-absorption, pure marine collagen – one of the highest concentrations available in a skincare supplement and delivering almost 50% more per shot than its nearest equivalent. Each bottle is also delivers the equivalent of 10-12 supplements in pill form! 

(RRP £29.99,

I hope this has helped you have some idea on some of the recommended products to protect your hair and skin this summer time. Let’s get fabulous!

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