Published on 1st December 2020

ENNY – Peng Black Girls (feat. Amia Brave)

South East London rapper Enny has completely stolen our hearts with her latest single ‘Peng Black Girls’.  Directed by Otis Dominique, the title itself encapsulates the celebratory nature of the song.

In the powerful track Enny bigs up all the Peng Black Girls in her area all whilst paying hommage to her Nigerian background. The visuals coupled with the lyrics proudly showcase black women in all their dimensions from the girls on the block to the beautiful women in her household. The song stands as an ode to black women in Enny’s community and a call for black women to unite and empower each other. You can check out the remix to the single with the one and only Jorja Smith here.

Mnelia – Shoot

After blessing us with her 90’s banger ‘Say Yeah‘.  North-west London singer Mnelia is back with a more sophisticated track titled ‘Shoot’. In the muted visuals we see Mnelia in a car contemplating about shooting a gun. For Mnelia revenge is sweet as she sings about a lover who has done her wrong.

Darkoo feat 4 Keus – CINDERELLA

Darkoo is an artist who can expertly switch up her style and  her latest video ‘Cinderella’ is no different enlisting the help of  french rap group 4 Keus.  Darkoo shows her versatility melodically rapping in both French and English. The visuals showcase Darkoo dressed up as Cinderella in addition to partying with her boys 4 Keus;  as she sings about her dream girl Cinderella.

Ray BLK ft Ivorian Doll – CINDERELLA

We are loving the female empowerment going on in the UK rap scene right now. Ray Blk’s latest single ‘Lovesick’ with Ivorian Doll is a perfect example of this. The single is a remix to her recent banger lovesick.  The sleek visuals unveil a glam snow scene creatively conceived by Ray Blk. The optics are reflective of the striking line of the chorus ‘Leave him lovesick ’cause my heart’s ice cold’.  In the video we can see Ray Blk and Ivorian Doll strutting around in icy outfits, like the queens they are.

Bringing some hot vibes to the cold winter months, rapper Br3nya is back with her latest single ‘Maldives.’  Known for hits such as ‘Plenty‘, in her latest installation Br3yna brings with her colourful visuals to get us heated up and playfully pays hommage to Beyonce ‘Single Ladies’ . The song is a braggadocious anthem about how Br3nya is the baddest in the game. Never to be one who is shy of bigging herself up the song is designed to get you up and ready for the end of lockdown.

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