Created and founded by social media maven Wuzzam Supa aka supa Cent on Instagram, who is known for clowning around on the platform using different makeup shades (on purpose) using incorrect brow products just to make her audience laugh, However when she did eventually decide to take her makeup serious she found that the audience were very receptive to her beautifully designed looks and people would often constantly ask her where she purchased a particular product from. That is where the idea birthed of her creating her own cosmetics line ‘The Crayon Case’  “If people are always asking you where you purchased an item from, you better create it yourself”

The brand created a storm as they sold a revenue of 1mill within the first hour during the Cyber monday sale. The eyeshadow palette ‘Box of crayons’ includes very pigmented tones created with the black woman in mind. The theme of the brand is to bring back nostalgic childhood memories of using crayons and and colouring and pencil items.

The brand launched in 2017, followed by being showcased at the Essence festival earlier this year. After the palette went viral on social media, it was known that Crayola copied the exact same format and style without giving any credit. This still did not take away in any shape of form from Wuzzam, as she then released her own cosmetics line showcasing a number of items resembling bold colours in the form of childhood colouring items.

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