If you haven’t got time to do your usual skin routine, Micellar cleansing water is a great alternative for a make-up wipe which is better for your skin!

Used by make-up artists and models, it has now hit the high street and can be picked up for from Boots for only £3.00!

After use all makeup is removed swiftly including waterproof mascara. It can be applied with a cotton pad and is effortless and you do not have to rinse it again afterwards.

The cleaning agents capture and lift away dirt from the skin without the need of excess rubbing to remove the make-up. It contains no harsh chemicals and is great for all types of skin, especially sensitive.

Huge Brands such as Garnier and L’Oreal have released versions of the miracle water.

Get some today for an effortless way to remove your make-up!

Words by: Jasmin Woodward

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