A fabric that has recently made a comeback is Corduroy. Although Cord was big in the 70’s, it had been pretty much forgotten about until recent months in which it has been popping up all over the place.

The cotton based fabric hard wearing and soft to touch, which makes it hard to believe it went off our radars in the first place.

Corduroy is made up of a raised sheared fabric, with an underlying weave, the twisted fibres of which to create the cords that appear like parallel lines. The lines of the fabric can have a figure flattering effect and the varying textures make it slightly more interesting, to both see and touch.

Corduroy has some stiffness to it, so it works great if you’re looking to create a little more structure to your outfit. A Cord jacket will add shape to what you’re wearing, and look amazing, yet still, have that ‘I just threw this on’ vibe. Plus, they are so easy to wear. They work with pretty much anything, they’re practical, and if you go for a colour, it’s a fail safe way to that extra splash of personality to your OOTD.

Urban Outfitter £66 (Available here)

I recently picked up this cord jacket in the Urban Outfitter sale (£66 reduced to £44!), and I cannot stop wearing it. The casual oversized style works well with the workwear connotation of the jacket. Plus the pink shade gives it a refreshing millennial twist.

Topshop Pinafore £36 (Available here)

As the seasons are sadly coming to change in the UK, and Summer seems to be saying it’s yearly goodbyes, cord makes the perfect transition fabric. If you want to add a whimsical feel to your outfit, this Topshop Pinafore (£36) is perfect for doing so! With childlike connotations, there’s no denying how cute this pinafore is, and as long as you experiment with layering, it’s the perfect piece to see you through until Autumn. Pair it with a knitted jumper on colder days, or pop a crop underneath on those rare days the sun peeps through.

Cord is becoming a staple in my wardrobe just in time for the colder months.

Words : Chloe Harriet

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