Winter can do so much damage to Afro hair as this type of hair is already extremely brittle without the correct care. From split and lack of moisture,Winter is arriving in its full course very shortly so its time to update the hair wardrobe so that your 4C strands can survive the storm.

With the challenge of finding products to cater for your specific hair type, Primal Beauty believe that hair and skin are at their best when being catered by natural ingredients.

Both body and hair products are 100% natural and ethically sourced for each consumer.

Why Primal Beauty will cater to your hair needs this season

Primal beauty has been manufactured and made for the young sister in mind. With natural ingredients to help moisture hair that suffers from extra dryness or just needs an extreme pick me up.

Black Soap Shampoo

If any of you remember Black Soap for the face growing up then you will know the wonders that done for our glowing skin. Black soap has an ingredient that takes away any build up of dirt to maintain a beautiful soft texture.

Hydrating Leave In Conditioner

This is a great everyday conditioner to apply for dehydrated hair and locs that have lost their curl definition. The richness of the product means that a little goes a very long way.

Calm Coil Detangling Spray

This locks in moisture so it would be a good idea to use an oil beforehand to ensure that the moisture lasts all day.  The natural ingredients are to help keep the softness and hair tangle free.

Carrot Oil

This is extremely good for a sore, dry scalp as the carrot oil contains an essential cleansing effect to help relieve tension and stress.

Intensive Detangling Conditioner

The perfect weekly conditioner to add to your routine. Once your hair been deeply cleansed with the Black Soap Shampoo this conditioner will help to fight frizz leaving hair silky smooth.

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