The Star of Super Bowl 2015

The 2015 Super Bowl game on Monday night attracted millions of viewers worldwide. Tuning in with the anticipation of that very famous half time performance.

Pop star, Katy Perry made her statement, presenting probably the biggest gig of her show time career, that half time performance.
Starting off with her first song coming through on giant Robot lion, in a bright orange fire flame outfit. We certainly heard her ‘Roar.’

With 9 songs being squeezed into the performance, she managed to also duet with artists, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot.

Perry performed ‘I Kissed a Girl’ alongside Lenny Kravitz playing the guitar. This made a statement, giving a powerful performance, keeping the audience on their toes. It was the rock n roll remake of the smash hit.

Missy Elliot owned the stage with her most popular songs ‘Work It’ and ‘Loose Control.’ She wore her diamonds and all black tight fitted racing car outfit. Still keeping to her glamourous tomboy type look. The crowd certainly welcomed ‘Missy’ back.
Katy Perry quickly changed into a long, black American football kind of jacket with scatter crystal pieces. They both showed the sassy side of sports.

The last song, ‘Firework’ was a spectacular performance. Whilst Katy Perry shoots around the arena (literately) on a star, fireworks are going off around her. It gave a powerful ending to the performance and a motivational start to the second half of the game.

Super Bowl 2015 is now one of the best games in history with Patriots beating the Seahawks 28-24, followed by the famous Katy Perry half time performance featuring Missy Elliot and Lenny Kravitz being a huge hit to the show.

Yasmin Harisha

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