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Fashion should always be for all and thanks to Isabelle Ohnemus now it is. EyeFitU is a ground-breaking personal fashion-sizing platform. Which is why this weeks WCW goes to the founder of the fashion app.

After spending over 10 years in investment banking as a stock-broker, she turned her attention to fashion, her real love. However, she did find a strong issue in this area mostly due to sizing problems.

“We conducted a study in London on the high street on the biggest hassels with shopping and finding the right size and fit were always coming up as two main problems. I took a company of developers and first I did my business plan, what would be the model how are people buying globally online?”

Ohnemus organised small sample sales for unknown designers in her home and began finding a real inconsistency in sizing. A problem many women suffer with shops often having different sizing even if the number is the same on the tag.

“I wanted to be a global platform so you can see what’s available in your size online and in sale, because a lot of the time you’re browsing and you find a jacket but it’s not available in your size. So we tried to make that so you can see if it’s on sale and in your size.”

EyefitU is a smart fashion app which allows you to directly shop in your correct size across all the major brands and online stores all in one app. Brands featured include Mango, Gucci, Farfetch, ASOS and Ted Baker.

“You have a designer behind the brand, people designing and having a concept in their head, they want to highlight the waist and bust and all this has an influence.”

If you’re looking at starting your own business, Ohnemus shares her key thoughts on how to start your own business:

“If you’re not willing to take a risk then it’s better you don’t do it. You always have to think i might lose everything and I might have to shut down or go down on my standard of living. But it’s a personal challenge and you have to decide before you take it. Am I willing to give it everything?”

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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