The stunning exhibition Wedding Dresses 1775 – 2014 showcasing at the V&A, tells the story of one of the most iconic pieces of fashion and one of the most important items a women will ever wear- the evolution of the bridal gown.
The exhibition spans across two floors, displaying chronologically bridal gowns dating back to the late 18th century and filtering down to dresses from the present day. You can find displayed 80 of the most beautiful wedding dresses, giving us a fascinating panorama of this key piece of clothing in a woman’s life over the past two centuries.

Alongside each wedding dress, images and videos from the wedding day, as well as a description about the lives of the couple and the fashion choices made by the bride herself. Displayed with many of the gowns are some of the accessories worn on the day including shoes, jewelry and garters. We are given a personal and intimate insight into the story behind the dress and its wearer, each with a magical story of its own.
Thought-out the extensive number of dresses you can find the gowns worn by Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani on their wedding day as well as the purple dress worn by Dita Von Teese on her marriage to Marilyn Manson.

This fascinating exhibition is on from the 3rd May 2014 until the 15th March allowing us the opportunity to delve into the history of such an iconic garment, something that should not be missed!

Words: Grace Coleman

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