Summer 2014 saw the rise of many new trends. From Culottes and off the shouler tops, to eyelet dresses and Birkinstocks.  Yet riding on the back of a crazy amount of publicity, we saw the introduction of not only a hot new brand, but a style of dresses and design- alo alo Eyelet!

Eyelet, ‘An ornamented hole in embroidery’, providing a ” cut-out” in an items design. Providing a breath of air for a garment and a quirky edge to a feminine dress. This type of design has come and gone over the years, but not until recently has it become such a sensation. With celebrities, models, magazines, bloggers and more, all rockin’ out the cut out sensation. This intoduction to dress making came when the one and only (and ridiculously beautiful) Kate Middleton, wore one on a tour appearance. At this time, Zimmerman (the God’s who created the dress), was pretty much unknown-apart from their native Austrailia. Promo one on Kate, and BOOM, ridiculous amounts of coverage.

Since her rise to the thrown, Kate has been somewhat of a style icon. Undoubtably, without her stylist (and hareem of beauty experts), some may think she wouldnt be at such height. However, natural beauty shines through and with this so does the admiration of every woman. Most probably in every country. With stores selling out of items by the minute and stock levels at an all time low, the Kate effect has truly begun.

One sunny Austrailian afternoon, Kate found herself at great media height and a true admiration of all fashionistas, just by wearing a dress. However, this wasn’t just any dress, but a Zimmerman dress. Sky rocketing this beautiful brand to ridiculous fame with numerous press clippings and admiration everywhere, they were now on form for triumphant success!

As everyone clambered ‘all aboard’ the zimmerman train, a new rising star with matchin’ eyelet detail, and quirky edge designs rolled in. This is the new found, Grazia magazine, loved designer – Introducing ‘Mr Self Portrait’. With dresses and pieces at a more realistic price-point, whordes of fashionistas were sold. Making thousands at the ready to buy,and with not only Grazia endorsing, so shall I. Mr Self Portrait is one to watch and by God I want a piece. Okay, so maybe let me save up a little bit first though…

Kate Middleton avec Zimmermann beauty- £275.00

Grazia and the beautiful Mr Self Portrait-£179.00

Go on, have a nosy…

Mr Self Portrait Eyelet Dress #2 -Flared Fringed – £219.00

The Bargain eyelet dress- Old Navy- £7.21

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