Yes, you read that right! Here’s why it’s time you signed up for a lifetime membership of delicious treats with Kookie Klub.

Location: Online

Price: £-££

Cuisine: Dessert

We all know that the “C” word that’s currently going on has temporarily put a pause on us being able to live our best lives and this means no more restaurants. This is every foodies worst nightmare (well mine atleast). As a result, I will showcase all the small businesses dedicated to giving you a glimpse of luxury, kicking off with: Kookie Klub.

Cookie cups from Kookie Klub. Image: @sarahsolomon__

Kookie Klub specialise in delicious premium cookie cups. It is run by Beth and Dan who juggle this business and a full-time 9-5. Talk about dedication! More than 20 hours of their time is given to their passion project to ensure they meet their clients demands which is higher at the moment.

Cookie cups from Kookie Klub. Image: @sarahsolomon__

I tried an array of their goodies and was pleased with how they tasted. Naturally the cookie cups were top notch as this is what they are known for. As you can see in the image below, i had a lot to try and was impressed with it all. If you’d like to try different flavours they offer a variety on their site – this ranges from cookie dough, to rich chocolate brownies etc…

Cookie cups from Kookie Klub. Image: @sarahsolomon__

Kookie Klub offer a plethora of flavours to suit most peoples taste and even better they ship nationwide so everyone is welcome (UK).

I recommend trying their Kinder cookie cups and for true enjoyment heat them up in the microwave for 20-30 seconds.

The best part about all of this is that you would be helping out a small business in ways you may not understand. This pandemic has provided us a reset and now we can chose to be picky about who we support.

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