Staycation’s are a fabulous alternative to holidaying abroad and are currently on the rise as many of us are looking to reduce our carbon footprints. Instead of racking up air miles, staycations are a perfect way to be more environmentally friendly, as well as saving money whilst still visiting beautiful locations.

In order for you to make the most of you most of your staycation, we have compiled a list of top tips to make sure you have the best time possible.

Create a staycation budget:

Every holiday needs a budget and it’s always a great place to start when planning your getaway. Once you have worked out your budget, you can start planning how you are going to get there, your chosen activities, the type of accommodation you’re wanting to stay in and how much you can realistically fit into your time away.

Choose your destination:

The destination you choose for your staycation is just as important as when you are choosing which country you want to visit. Thankfully, we’re extremely lucky to live in the as it truly is beautiful and has absolutely everything you could want from a short break with everything from beaches andmountains to countryside and cities and so much more!

As the British weather is unpredictable and many of us would be keen to avoid too much dampness where possible, Devon is a great place to consider for a staycation, with its own microclimate it’s almost like you’re planning a holiday abroad! Devon also has plenty of activities to choose from that may well push you outside of your comfort zone including adventurous activities such as cliff diving and wild swimming.

Plan your route:

One of the many perks of a staycation is that you are less likely to be restricted by travel times, with no need to have to hang around in advance of a flight. With the UK’s fantastic connections, it is possible to drive from one end of the country to the other in less than a day, but if long car journeys aren’t to your liking, the UK also has fantastic public transport links such as trains, buses and trams. If you are planning on using public transport it is a good idea to plan ahead as often the best ticket prices are snapped up early and if you’re driving, always check online to see if there is anything that might impact your route.

Make an itinerary:

Just because you are staying in the UK doesn’t mean it’s not a holiday and making an itinerary is an essential step of any break away! It’s worth investing some time into doing someresearch about the area you are wanting to visit, as well as choose a few local places and tourist attractions to check out. A quick Google search about the area will bring up some of itsmost popular attractions, but if you’re super keen to read up on your destination of choice, there are a fantastic selection of books and e-books available for destinations far and wide across the country. Whilst you’re going to want to have some loose plans in mind, you don’t have to have everything organised to the finest minute, you may find that the area you’re visiting is full of hidden and relatively unknown gems, but of course you won’t know this until you get there!

Rent a holiday home:

Once you have picked your location, you will need somewhere to stay – you could choose city centre flat, a quaint cottage or cabin by the sea – whatever tickles your fancy. If you decide to visit the picturesque and fun filled county of Devon for your Staycation, then be sure to check out the amazing properties that Sweetcombe Cottages have to offer. Another benefit of a staycation in the UK is that you can take your pets along with you, and Sweetcombe Cottages has lots of pet-friendly rentals to choose from!

Plan for a rainy day:

We all know that the weather in the UK is not very reliable and you wouldn’t want bad weather to ruin your plans, so it is always a good to have a rainy day contingency plan. Think of anything indoors, check for local spas in the area, independentor local cinema, gin tasting, wine tasting, the opportunities are endless for indoor activities. We are used to the changing weather so tend to have lots of fun things to do indoors.

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