Wearing underwear sounds like such a simple idea, until you realise just how much consideration goes into it. From styles and colours, to fabrics and looking after them properly, it’s no wonder that underwear shopping suddenly gets a lot more complicated! Knickers are an essential of your everyday life, but don’t take them for granted.

Here we take a look at some popular underwear rules that you should remember in your daily lives.

Avoid visible underwear

You probably remember when the ‘whale tail’ was a huge fashion trend, whereby your thong was visible above the waistband of your jeans. It’s safe to say that trend I never going to return, and for good reason. Visible underwear, such as VPL or a bra that mismatches with the colour of your sheer blouse, is often seen as a fashion faux pas.

If you’re wearing figure-hugging outfits, avoiding VPL can feel like a huge challenge. Look for seamless styles that can help to eradicate this problem and boost your confidence when wearing your favourite bodycon dress.

Some underwear, such as bodysuits or bralettes, are often designed to be worn as outerwear so it’s helpful to understand the difference!

Wear the right size

Wearing the right size of underwear is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, if it fits properly, it will be more comfortable. After all, knickers that are too small may dig into your waist or hips, while pairs that are too big may be at risk of falling down!

Wearing the right size is also important for breathability down there. It may be an uncomfortable topic, but your private parts should still have access to some airflow, so avoid underwear that is too tight!

The right size can also affect your underwear’s appearance. For instance, underwear that is too big may appear bumpy under your clothing as the excess fabric becomes apparent.

Wear the right underwear for the occasion

Whether you’re going to the gym, drinks with a date or it’s the dreaded time of the month, there’s a pair of knickers perfect for it. When it comes to the gym, consider a pair of cotton briefs as they can offer the most breathability.

Time of the month will often call for support with fuller coverage, just for your own peace of mind. However, if you’re shopping for underwear for a special occasion, you may want to experiment with unique styles like French knickers, thongs and Brazilian briefs for something a little more eye-catching!

Wash your underwear correctly

You may think you can just toss your underwear in the wash without a second thought, but check the label. Some delicate pair may require hand washing, while others may need to be washed on a cooler temperature. By washing them correctly, you can get more wear out of your underwear and avoid damage.

It’s also important to use a quality laundry detergent for the benefits of your skin too. That particular area can be quite sensitive, so it’s key to ensure your underwear isn’t going to cause you any unnecessary problems!

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