Over the last several years, Teenear has built a large, ever-growing following through a string of heat-making singles and remixes. Drawing from musical influences that range from SZA to Rihanna, she has garnered praise from outlets like Vibe and Billboard, and collaborators like Sage the Gemini, Lil Baby, Fetty Wap, and labelmate Trina, who was featured on the singer’s dancehall-inspired “Streetlights” remix in 2016.

She has recently thrown her support behind the on-going Black Lives Matter movement by unveiling her latest call-to-arms ‘Free’, which sees her highlight injustice as well as the perseverance and strength of black people in times of struggle. The new track and visual represents a response to the protests that have swelled across the United States where protesters have come up against brutal and often heavy-handed tactics by law enforcement. So she continues her journey through the ever-unpredictable musical landscape, we wanted to find out more about her origins and influenced, and have asked her to tell us what five songs have inspired her most over the years and why they are so important to her.

Beyonce – ‘Ave Maria’

Beyonce, ‘Ave Maria’ was a very impactful song in my life for a lot of reasons, but mainly it was important and memorable because it was the first song that I had ever learned and performed on piano. This song started my love of performing.

Celine Dion – ‘Because You Loved Me’

Celine Dion, ‘Because You Loved Me’ was always really impactful for me as a young girl, because it was a relatable song that I, at the time, associated with my relationship with God.

Christina Aguilera – ‘Reflection’

Christina Aguilera, ‘Reflection’ from the movie Mulan was always really special to me. I was a young girl and it was very relatable, and I loved the movie!

Mariah Carey – ‘Hero’ 

Mariah Carey, ‘Hero’ was every little girl’s anthem! This song reminded me that I was strong and capable.

Teenear – ‘Free’

My new single, ‘Free’ is a song that acts as a huge motivational and powerful reminder that I am strong, I can not settle, and that I am free.

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