There are many ways to conceal a bad hair day: a hat, a hood or even a wig. But a form of concealment that has recently become more popular is the headscarf. It’s the chic and simple way to cover all sins without looking like you blatantly have something to hide under there. So chic, in fact, that the scarf/wrap has moved beyond a form of covering and concealing and is now a hairstyle in its own right that can be dressed up or down whatever the occasion or season.

Whether what’s going on underneath is hot or a hot mess, here is a simple way to wear your scarf that requires nothing more than your favourite scarf and some twisting with your hands – no pins, no clips, no problems.

Tip: Make things easier for yourself by tucking you hair away under a stocking cap or turban beforehand.

1. Lay scarf flat across the back of your head and pull forward 2. Begin twisting from your head to the tip of the scarf 3. Making sure the twist does not unravel, wrap the twist in a donut shape and tuck the ends under the donut to secure.

Alternative styles can be created using the same method with the donut being places on different parts of the head or by leaving the twist unrolled and tucking it under.

Words by: Adella Cyril

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